Raimbow ChillRun is a Creative House comprising of a multi-skilled creative team, specialising in: concept development, production, photography and videography.

Our vision is to collaborate with African creatives and businesses to create, protect and monetise African Art and Content. We hope, by doing this, we can cultivate an environment where Africans are properly remunerated and acknowledged for their work.

Our Mission is to use the millennial lens and understanding of the digital space to ensure that African content is sufficiently equipped to trade on a high level in international markets.

Helen Evans

Helen has been educated in three different countries: The U.K, South Africa and, most recently Italy, where she completed the International Baccalaureate programme.

Attending schools around the world allowed Helen to meet people from a multitude of backgrounds and this is where she gained a deep love for the complex story that every human being has to tell. Helen believes the best way to tell these stories, and the nuances that come with them, is through art because that is something that is so universal.

“Whenever I create something I try and think someone is going to love this or appreciate this because there is someone who can relate to the story I am telling.”

Malaika Evans

Malaika studied Theatre & Performance as well as Psychology and completed an Honours in Stage Design.
Specialising in world building and logistics, Malaika is the in house Director.

With a passion for gathering knowledge and artistically expressing, Malaika takes great joy in assisting others in expressing themselves adequately, through whatever lens necessary.

An entrepreneur, Malaika has taken the practice of world building into their career pursuits. All of the businesses they are involved with, are all based on: uplifting the people and uplifting the planet. Raimbow ChillRun channels these pursuits through an exciting array of possibilities; for the company as well as the clients.


Mwansa Evans

Mwansa was born in Zambia, raised in the UK and currently lives in South Africa.

Mwansa’s academic research focuses on using progressive and historical approaches to analyse current legal questions. During her undergraduate studies, she was published in the North East Law Review for a research paper investigating the extent to which the English common law has blundered ‘into wisdom’.

In addition to her work in legal practice, Mwansa founded ‘Raimbow ChillRun’, a media platform that advocates for, promotes and documents unity in the diversity of narratives across the diaspora. 

In short, Mwansa loves storytelling.

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